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2023 MEMBERSHIP DRIVE - Please Join / Renew!

December 12, 2022

Dear Pine Hills Residents,

Our 2023 Pine Hills Neighborhood Association annual membership drive has begun! Whether you’re new to Pine Hills or you’ve lived here for many years, we invite and encourage you to join. Your participation is a commitment to keep Pine Hills a safe, connected, and vibrant place to call home.

Membership in the PHNA is based on a calendar year, from January to December of each year. Two membership levels are offered: (1) a basic $50 membership, without security, and (2) a $350 membership with Security. PHNA basic dues of $50 helps fund neighborhood communications and advocacy on behalf of Pine Hills in Atlanta and Brookhaven. Here’s more on what the PHNA $350 membership with Security offers:


The $350 membership dues, plus Security, includes all the benefits of the basic membership and the added value of peace of mind, by funding daily off-duty police patrols, security at special events and cameras positioned at key points within Pine Hills capable of reading license plates of all vehicles entering Pine Hills. These cameras are linked to Brookhaven and Atlanta Police Departments to flag ‘hot tags’ – wanted criminals entering our community. Perpetrators have been caught, due to the outstanding work of our Security Patrols and Security Committee, combined with residents’ home camera systems. Security+ members receive a Pine Hills Security Sticker on your mailbox, can request home checks by patrols when you’re traveling or away, and are given a direct cell number to reach officers when they’re on duty. The more Security+ members we have, the more patrol hours we can schedule and the longer we can lease our valuable cameras. A PHNA resident recently commented: Many residents have security systems that assist with protecting the inside of their homes. The PHNA Security+ membership goes a long way to protect the outside of our homes and entire neighborhood. Crime is up; violent crime is up more! Please join to help keep Pine Hills safe!


The PHNA has a 60+ year history of working hard to preserve the quality of life and beauty in our community. From maintaining our entrances, to Dogi-Pots to keep sidewalks clean, to representation in critical zoning matters, protection of greenspace and watershed and more – the PHNA has been there and will continue to serve its residents. But these efforts take volunteers, time, and money. Please join and keep Pine Hills strong!


A neighborhood becomes more of a community when its residents connect and share. Throughout the year, your membership helps the PHNA organize exciting events such as EGGstravaganza, support safe Halloween activities, plus host our annual meeting and yard sale. Please join and help keep Pine Hills connected!

Join or Renew Today! For less than one dollar a day, you can invest in protecting and preserving our amazing neighborhood. Please consider becoming a $350 PHNA Security+ member. Every dollar goes directly toward Security, Service and Connection in our community. Please visit our membership page to learn more and to pay PHNA membership dues online.

Thank you for supporting Pine Hills.

Carolyn McClain, President

Pine Hills Neighborhood Association