News from the PHNA President

Filming on Ferncliff Road -- March 21-24

March 19, 2022

Dear Pine Hills’ Neighbors,

This week the PHNA received notification of the filming for a TV series along Ferncliff Road.  The letter below, which is being sent to nearby residents and local businesses, explains the detailed film plans from March 21-24, including production preparations and lane closures.  Principal filming will occur on Tuesday, March 22 and Wednesday, March 23.  However, please note that there will be a lane closure on Ferncliff Road from West Roxboro to Ferncliff Commons between March 21 and March 24.  We encourage all Pine Hills’ residents to be aware of this event and adjust travel plans in this area accordingly.  Please see the letter below. 


Carolyn McClain, President
Pine Hills Neighborhood Association

Notification of Filming
March 18th, 2022
Dear Neighbors & Businesses,
On TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY, March 22rd & 23th, 2022, Minim Productions, LLC. will be filming for the Television Series “Class of 09” on Private Property at 1085 Ferncliff Road NE, Atlanta GA 30324. We will be filming at night. Tuesday is only slated to be half of a day and we would film from roughly 3pm to midnight, while Wednesday would be a full day and film from 4pm – potentially 5am.
To accommodate the Production, we have requested a permit from the City of Atlanta for the following Lane Closures & Full Closures: • LANE CLOSURE: SOUTH CURB LANE OF FERNCLIFF RD NE: B/T FERNCLIFF COMMONS NE & W ROXBORO RD NE (1,700 FT) FROM 7AM – 9PM 3/21, 7am – 5am 3/22 – 3/23, 7AM – 9PM 3/24
The requested Lane Closures will be used for parking work trucks and generator placement. The Intermitted Traffic Control/Closure will be used for the safety of crew while working near the street.
During the production dates mentioned above, residents will always have access to their homes and businesses. Police Officers will be on site to ensure safety and that traffic flows smoothly. As guests in the community, we strive to mitigate our impact on residents and businesses and thank you in advance for your cooperation during filming.
If you have any questions regarding our process, please feel free to contact anyone at the contact information listed below.

Ethan Stewart Assistant Location Manager
678-681-8604 (office)
404-452-7081 (cell)
Joseph Raines Key Assistant Location Manager
678-681-8604 (office)
770-633-1645 (cell)