The Pine Hills Zoning, Parks, Traffic, Greenspace, Code Compliance and Creek Watch committees all work hard to ensure the quality of living we enjoy in the heart of our busy, fast-growing cities. Please let us know if you are interested in getting involved.

Zoning Committee

The Zoning Committee acts on behalf of the board to address zoning, land-use, licensing, and other planning issues that affect quality of life for PHNA residents and makes recommendations on behalf of PHNA to the city of Atlanta-NPU-B (citizen advisory council) and any established zoning panels and the City of Brookhaven Zoning and Land Use Commission. The committee is chaired by a board director, appointed by the board officers.

Security Committee

The Security Committee addresses neighborhood concerns about safety and security and works alongside the cities of Atlanta and Brookhaven Police Departments on initiatives to help keep our community safe. The committee is chaired by a board director, appointed by the board officers, who also manages the Pine Hills Police Patrol membership program.

Communications/Social Committee

The Communications/Social Committee shall be responsible for the creation, editing, and publication of all PHNA communications that go to or are available to the neighborhood in whatever form, hardcopy and/or electronic, including newsletters and flyers, and maintenance of PHNA’s website. The content of the newsletter and website will reflect the objectives of PHNA; however, any opinion expressed by an individual will not necessarily represent the opinion of PHNA. The committee will also be responsible for bringing forth social events for the community. The committee is chaired by a board director appointed by the board officers.  Open Chair Role.

Parks/Environment Committee

The Parks/Environment Committee addresses established parks, greenspace initiatives, and works with the Birdhaven Garden Club on neighborhood beautification. The committee also brings forward neighborhood concerns about traffic, airport noise, and other environmental issues that face residents of Pine Hills. The committee is chaired by a board director, appointed by the board officers.

Committees with Open Positions:

Board Chairperson needed for the Social Committee

Board Chairperson needed for The Membership Committee