Meet the Patrol Team

Meet the Team! Also known as “Pine Hills Blue,” our off-duty police officers are…

Sergeant David Fikes & Bane

A 14-year law enforcement veteran, Sgt. Fikes is a founding member of the Brookhaven Police Department  and when off duty, he and his new K9 partner Bane are regular members of our Pine Hills Blue patrols. He has received the BPD’s Distinguished Service Medal for extraordinary efforts in rescuing citizens from a life-threatening situation and holds numerous K-9 related certifications.

Officer Rudy Gomez

Officer Rudy Gomez is a 26-year veteran of the Atlanta Police Department and, with over 12 years of service, is the longest tenured member of our Pine Hills Blue security patrol. Over the years, Officer Gomez has been involved with numerous Pine Hills security cases and with his experience and knowledge of our neighborhood and connections within ADP plays a key role in our security program.

Sgt. Jacob Kissel

Sgt. Kissel has over 14 years of law enforcement experience, seven with the Gwinnett County Police Department and seven with the Brookhaven Police Department where he was a founding member and currently serves as Detective Division Supervisor. Among other achievements, he received the Department’s Distinguished Service Medal for his extraordinary efforts in rescuing a citizen from a life-threatening situation.

Officer Taj Adams

Officer Taj Adams has over 12 years of law enforcement experience, with seven years at the Brookhaven Police Department. While at the BPD, he has received two Distinguished Service Medals for extraordinary efforts in rescuing citizens in two different life-threatening situations.

Header photo courtesy of WJAC-TV